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Sturdilite™ Modular Lab Bench Fixed Casework Alternative



Best Modular Alternative to Fixed Casework 


The Best Available Quality & Value
Electronics - Biotech - Engineering - Test/Assy
...Any Lab/Tech Workplace 


Sturdilite™ is the industry's best-of-breed fixed-casework alternative system and a virtual industry standard.  Its' pedestal-based, storage-intensive design has proven itself - for decades - as ideal for all types
of lab and technology work environments.... electronics,  pharmaceutical, biotech, test/assembly, engineering, industrial, including ESD (static control) and cleanroom applications.


Available in 30" (desk) or 36" (bench) worksurface height.  With a full range of sizes and accessories, each workstation can be optimally configured for its user(s).  In addition, Sturdilite™ comes apart and reconfigures quickly and easily, responding to changes in work flow, expansions, etc.  Workstations can be configured as 'stand-alone' independents or linked together, sharing support legs and/or storage pedestals, reducing cost.


Standard high-density laminate worksurfaces and shelves are supported by 1" sq. tube steel frames, providing extremely high load capacity.   Drawer pedestals feature 180 lb. rated  heavy-duty glide mechanisms.  Individual workstations can span up to 7' between supports.  Unlike most tech furniture manufacturers, Kewaunee's  powder coat finish on its metal components meets SEFA8 standards for corrosion resistance, making it ideal for virtually any environment, including "wet" chemical labs.


Sturdilite is a cost-effective, modular alternative to the rigidity of fixed casework.  With a very large selection of both single-width and double-width support pedestals, the range of Sturdilite bench configurations is nearly unlimited.  Single units, linked rows, L-shaped, U-shaped and back-to-back layouts are all common.  Epoxy resin tops, maple and other materials for worksurfaces (and shelving) are all standard options. 



Sturdilite™ has the traditional 'sturdy' look often preferred in biotech and electronic labs, but the system is updated with contemporary lines and modern drawer fronts.  Users are invariably pleased with its combination of aesthetics and obvious strength and durability. 



Sturdilite™ is highly competitive and typically offers much greater value than fixed casework, especially when its flexibility and reconfiguration-friendly design is taken into account.    



  • Standard widths: 3', 4', 5', 6', 7' + 8'
  • Standard work heights:  30" or 36" 
  • Standard worksurface Depths: 30" or 36"
  • Standard riser/shelf heights: 15" or 20"
  • Shelf Depths: 15", 18"
  • Note: Special designs and dimensions are available



There are two color elements on Sturdilite™:  The laminate
worksurface, and the metal powder coat finish (paint).  An  accent paint color is often specified for the fronts of pedestals and shelf risers.  Note - ESD laminate is available in Dove Gray and Natural Almond only.  (Matching paint finishes are Dove Gray and Sand Tan.)

Click here to go to pdf. color guide
















Sturdilite™ Configurations




L-shaped configuration with corner unit,
shelf, support risers and power backsplashes




 Single workstation supported by
pedestal on left and pedestal leg
on right.  With shelf on powered
risers and power backsplash





5'w x 36"d bench with maple
worksurface and shelf.  Includes
powered backsplash and footrest.
Supported by powered support leg
and drawer/cabinet storage pedestal. 









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Sturdilite™ Modular Lab Bench Fixed Casework Alternative